Daily fee

Daily fees to be charged from 24 January 2019


DFIM has decided to extend the deadline for charging daily fees for failure to take out liability insurance on vehicles by three weeks.


The reason for this is the unexpectedly large number of enquiries that the Danish Tax and Customs Administration (SKAT) is receiving from citizens who have been sent letters notifying them of their failure to take out liability insurance on their vehicles. As the extraordinarily high number of enquiries has resulted in longer case processing times, many people who own and/or use a vehicle have been unable to deregister their vehicles with SKAT.


DFIM is therefore extending the deadline for everyone who has either not deregistered their vehicle with SKAT, or has not yet taken out liability insurance.


In order to avoid having to pay the daily fee as from 24 January 2019, you should be aware of the following:


If your vehicle – your moped, for example – has been sold, scrapped or stolen


Even if you have cancelled your insurance, notified the police of the theft or taken your vehicle to be scrapped, the registration plates may not always have been deregistered with SKAT.

If you have sold or scrapped the vehicle, you can find instructions for how to deregister the plates on SKAT’s website. If you deregister the vehicle without having a bill of sale, it will three weeks before the deregistration is confirmed by the Danish Motor Vehicle Register (Motorregistret). If you have scrapped the vehicle, it will also take three weeks before the deregistration is confirmed by the Danish Motor Vehicle Register (Motorregistret).

To avoid having to pay daily fees, you must submit the receipt you receive from the Danish Motor Vehicle Register to gebyr@dfim.dk as an email attachment no later than Wednesday, 23 January 2019. DFIM will then close your file without charging you a fee.

If your vehicle has been stolen, you can find instructions for how to deregister the plates on SKAT’s website.
Once the plates have been deregistered, the Danish Motor Vehicle Register will inform DFIM automatically and your file will be closed.


If you contact us

We are currently receiving an extraordinarily large number of enquiries, so both our telephone and email contact channels are extremely busy. We apologise if it seems you have to wait for a long time, but we are doing everything we can to respond do all enquiries as quickly as possible. 


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About the daily fee


In Denmark, it is statutory to take out third party liability insurance for a motor vehicle.


If you are registered as the primary user of a vehicle, for example a car, motor cycle or moped, but you do not have the statutory third party liability insurance you will be charged a daily fee of DKK 250 from 1 January 2019.


The fee is charged for each day the vehicle is uninsured. The fee is significantly higher than the premium for third party liability insurance. To avoid being charged a fee you must either take out statutory third party liability insurance for your vehicle or deregister your vehicle with SKAT (Danish tax authorities).


The daily fee has been laid down by law since there is currently approx. 50,000 vehicles in Denmark that are not covered by statutory insurance and which cause damage/injury to others. The total expenditures exceeds DKK 70 million annually.


If you do not have a liability insurance on your vehicle, you will ultimately pay for the damage you inflict on others and their things. In case of personal injuries that result in invalidity and loss of earning capacity, compensation costs may amount to millions of Danish kroner.


The object of the law is to reduce the number of uninsured vehicles and thus reduce the bill running into the millions to be paid by everyone who has taken out the statutory insurance. Both the Danish parliament (Folketinget) and DFIM find that it is unreasonable that customers have to pay for damage/injury caused by a vehicle without third party liability insurance.


DFIM is a guarantee fund that contributes to the payment of compensation to those who have been injured by an uninsured vehicle. From 1 January 2019, on which date the law came into force, DFIM is responsible for collecting the daily fee.



Is your vehicle covered by third party liability insurance?